Current Board Members
  • Alonso Morlesin
  • Andy Goyer
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Damon Bell
  • Haitham Charles
Committee Members
  • Bernard Calasans
  • Christian Guzman
  • Deivis Cadavid
  • Edgar Marquez
  • Frank Martinez
  • Gerardo Fuentes
  • Ian Bowles
  • Jacobo Becerra
  • James Aristizabal
  • Santiago Becerra
  • Todd Muerer
  • Willy Vilchez
Collective Responsibilities for all Board Members 
  • Read, understand and enforce the latest rules -
  • Ensure all equipment is accounted for and returned to either the office at Premier or back in the locker at Summerfield
  • Sign In and collect the balls as well as Sign Out of Premier on time to avoid additional fees. (Quick WhatsApp message if someone has picked the balls up)
  • Ensure new members know how to sign up -
  • Be aware who has paid and stop them playing if they haven't -
  • Deal with any complaining or fights
  • Enforce subs if and when required
  • Participate in votes for changes to the rules or playing structure. by attending committee meetings twice per year
  • Reconciles bank accounts and produces financial statements, which they present to members and publish on the website
  • Ensures tax-related documents and legal forms are filed on time, such as the documents required to maintain the organization’s tax-exempt status
  • Collects member dues twice a year
  • Reviews the annual budget and answers board members’ questions
  • Submits paperwork and renew insurance
  • Manage Square Account for Payments
Equipment Lead
  • Ensure that the club has the right amount of soccer balls, GK gloves, pumps, needles and cones
  • Purchase new equipment as needed and reports costs to the Treasurer
  • Ensure equipment is placed back in the locker at Summerfield
  • Ensure equipment is collected and taken back to the office at Premier Sports
  • Ensure field is ready to play at Summerfield
Social Organizer
  • Organizes annual LWR Adult Soccer social gatherings
  • Xmas Party
  • Marc Soudjin memorial
  • Champions League Final
  • El Classico
  • Rowdies
  • Purchase food & drinks as needed for social gatherings and reports costs to Treasurer
Field Management
  • Communicates with LWR Town Hall for Summerfield field booking (annually)
  • Communicates with Premier Sports for field management and communicates to the members on day of play
  • Assist with Team selection
  • Posts news to Facebook Page
  • Emails to members when needed
  • Communicate with new member enquiries

Paid Member List