Board & Committee Meeting held on 9/6/2023 to discuss upcoming 2023/24 Season

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2023/24 Membership fees

  • Membership fees will stay the same for the 2023/24 Season
  • Fall payment of $200 due by September 30th. Please make Zelle payments to or checks made payable to LWR Adult Soccer Club
  • Summer payment of $200 will be due on March 31st,  2024

Monday Nights at Premier

The Board & Committee members have agreed to rent an additional field at Premier Sports for Monday nights. We are currently in negotiations with Premier and will update on a start date ASAP. We plan to have one full size field and one field separated to host two 7 v 7 games as shown below.

Fall Schedule Change

When the clocks change at the end of October we will only have one field due to the limited number of fields with lights at Premier Sports.  Both Mondays and  Wednesdays will follow the same schedule.

Mondays first game 7 v 7’s will begin at 5:30pm and run until 7:00pm
Mondays second game 13 v 13 will begin at 7:00pm and run until 9:00pm

Wednesdays first game 13 v 13 will begin at 5:30pm and run until 7:00pm
Wednesdays second game 13 v 13 will begin at 7:00pm and run until 9:00pm

Please note. This is not age restrictive.  Anyone can play in any game they choose but they must only play in one of the two games.

2022/23 Club Finances

Lakewood Ranch Adult Soccer Club 2022-23 Balance Sheet – last updated 9/6/23
Cash Carried forward from 2021-22 Season$8,797.04
Membership Fees Collected$48,621.80
Total Assets$57,418.84
Premier Sports Payments$32,495.82
Insurance + admin fees$755.18
Christmas Party$1,681.01
Ronaldo Charity Shirt$490.00
Non-Profit Renewal$61.25
Equipment (Balls, Gloves, Pumps, Nets)$1,069.08
Social Gatherings$1,140.75.33
Total Outgoings$37,693.09
Remaining Cash for 2023-24 Season$19,725.75

2023/24 Premier Sports Forecast Costs

The below table indicates the forecast for Premier Sports fees.  This does not take into account any rain days

Month# days# hoursCostPrem Prices
October927 $    6,075.00 $          100.00Field Cost
November927 $    6,075.00 $          125.00Lights Cost
December721 $    4,725.00
January927 $    6,075.00
February824 $    5,400.00
March824 $    5,400.00
April927 $    2,700.00
May927 $    2,700.00
June927 $    2,700.00
July1030 $    3,000.00
August927 $    2,700.00
September927 $    2,700.00
Total $ 50,250.00

Club Rules

Please!  All members refresh with the latest on field rules here

Board & Comittee members

Board Members

  • Alonso Morlesin
  • Andy Goyer
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Damon Bell
  • Haitham Charles

Committee Members

  • Bernard Calasans
  • Christian Guzman
  • Deivis Cadavid
  • Edgar Marquez
  • Frank Martinez
  • Gerardo Fuentes
  • Ian Bowles
  • Jacobo Becerra
  • James Aristizabal
  • Santiago Becerra
  • Todd Muerer
  • Willy Vilchez

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