Lakewood Ranch Adult Soccer Club 2022-2023 Season Club and Game Rules

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We understand that soccer is a sport that requires a certain level of skills, intensity and competitive levels, and based on the premise that we have players that are more skilled, faster and even younger than others.

On Wednesdays, we have created two groups, Group A and Group B.

Group B is designed to test your skills and push your limits in a very competitive level, this group was created for players who wants to play in a high energy level and pressure.

Group A is designed to be competitive as well, but in a different level of energy and pressure, it will be for players who want to improve their skills, and get to play with others in a way that does not require pushing the limits.

Having this approach, we encourage all the members to try both of them, but most importantly we reinforce the core value of the club which without any doubt is that everybody has the same right to play and have fun.

Our goal as board member is to enforce the rules

Game Rules

  1. Game rules are based on FIFA rules; however, the offside rule is not applied because there are no line referees to properly sanction this rule. However, it is appreciated if everyone can self-govern regarding offsides.
  2. No slide tackling (neither defensively or offensively)
  3. Ideally, 11 players a side; however, will allow up to 13 players per team as a maximum. Absolutely, no more than this as too many people make the game dangerous and no fun.
  4. In the event where there are more than 26 players but not enough players to have a third team, Subs will be adopted, and each player will be required to subs for 5 minutes. In order to apply this rule, captains for each team will be assigned to make sure this is accomplished.  If we apply this rule, all the members will be able to play the same amount of time.
  5. When 22 members are present the game can start, there is no official start time, as soon as the 33rd member arrives three teams will be created and the time of the first game will be reset to 12 mins. At the end of the 1st game the members will then be split into 3 equal teams. The goal and ideal is balancing the teams, we all know there are some players more skilled than others, some are younger and faster, some like to play more with some other people, but we need to reinforce that this is a club and everybody has the same right to play.  In the event where there are 33rd members and three teams are required, it is the responsibility of the players not currently playing to create the third team, once the third team is created, the clock can start.a. 1st game of the day. (With 3 teams)

    i. Team that wins by any score stays on field.
    ii. If a tie occurs the team that continues to play is decided by coin toss.b. Remaining Games
    i. Defending Team has to win by 2 goals prior to end of 12 minutes to continue.
    ii. If not, then team that has been on the field longer will sit out.
  6. No players under the age of 14.
  7. Guests of members are allowed to play but doesn’t get priority over members. Member bringing guest give spot to his/her guests and take turns as desired. Guests are allowed to play a maximum of 3 times per season. We will not allow any player to show up every week without paying annual fees.
  8. Deliberate handballs to either stop a goal or a pass that could lead to a goal will be regarded as a goal and not a foul.
  9. Misconduct such as aggressive or dangerous playing, verbal abuse and fighting will result in suspension of player at the discretion of board with no less than one game suspension. Anyone involved in a fight will have to sit out the rest of the games.
  10. No guests are allowed to play on Monday or Wednesday nights as Premier Sports requires insurance to be paid by all members.
  11. Anyone kicking the ball out of play will fetch the ball immediately. We are losing too much equipment from players not retrieving their stray passes or shots.

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